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Who can rent a Juli home?

Everyone is welcome at Juli homes. When renting a home online, we only require that you have no payment defaults and that you can pay the advance rent with a credit card, online bank payment or another electronic payment method.

Depending on your work and study situation, the rental decision may require an assessment of the overall situation, in which case you will be automatically directed to our customer service and we will contact you soon. If necessary, customer service also helps to rent the home in other ways.

You must be at least 18 years old to rent a Juli home. In addition, we require that the information you provide is correct and that you sign the rental agreement in your own name. Currently, the agreement cannot be signed in the company's name.

We reserve the right not to accept the rental agreement if there is a suspicion that the apartment is being used for criminal activities or if you already have rent debts from a previous Juli home. In addition, possible problems in your housing history with us are a reason for not accepting an agreement.

For now, the rental agreement and rental conditions are only available in Finnish. Signing a rental agreement requires that the agreement and conditions are understood. Our customer service is happy to help you in English!

See more detailed instructions for renting a Juli home online

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